• 1 billion people go hungry each day. We need your donation so we can continue to tackle hunger head on.
  • Sponsor a child today and change a life forever. S.A.W Society child sponsorship gives you the opportunity to give a child and their community the support and resources they need to end poverty for good.
  • Our aim is to achieve better health for poor and vulnerable communities in Kashmir and internationally through research, education and public health.
  • We believe that no one deserves a life of poverty and we are committed to doing something about it. We deliver the powerful combination of microfinance, livelihoods and literacy that enables the poor to increase their incomes and change their lives forever.
  • By donating to our Disaster Relief and Recovery work you provide valuable support for our Emergency Services teams, both staff and volunteers, as they prepare, respond and provide relief to communities during disasters. Your support assists us to be active as soon as a situation has occurred and to provide help.
  • It is no longer possible to protect Human Rights in one country, while in neighbouring countries with whom we trade, people face exploitation and sweatshop conditions. The fight for human rights in one country has to be a fight for human rights in every country.

Chairman's Message

Dear Reader, Charities exist to create a better society. The range and scope of their work and the variety of people they help is amazing. Whether working locally, nationally or internationally they have a remarkable history of driving social change which is reflected all around us in the world we live in today. Charities could do none of this without their trustees. You're probably reading this because you have just become a trustee yourself. If so, we welcome you to this role and thank you for taking it on. The commitment and energy you display will make a direct difference to your charity and everyone it helps. You don't have to be a hero or famous to change lives for the better - trusteeship allows you to do just that. Being a trustee can be hard work and, for most, it's unpaid. The trustees have the ultimate responsibility for running a charity, for its property, finances and the employment of any staff or volunteers. But being a trustee is also immensely rewarding, providing both expected and unexpected opportunities for personal development. And while you bring your skills and energy to running your charity, you will also find you are gaining new experience and knowledge. For instance, you will help plan the strategic future of the charity and its work, be involved in developing and managing staff and volunteers and make policy decisions for your charity. You will also ensure it's accountable to its beneficiaries, to the Charity Commission and the public in general.
Please accept our congratulations on your new role.


Mr Bashir Ahmad Baba

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Think Over It..

India is a country of contrasts! The country has as many as 53 billionaires; the fourth highest in the world. But the same country has over 3 million children living on the streets.

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